Church of All Saints of Ukrainian land

Year: 2002 - 2016
Categories: Sacral
Location: Lviv, Mykolajchuka Street

Church Mykolaichuka
Church Mykolaichuka

The canonic orientation west-east direction, required square of the church for 300 people, restriction by the building lines- all of these components pre-determined that the length of the church is smaller than its width. There are three naves and vault of the complicated form in the church for making illusion of the longitudinal and vertical organization of the internal space The cupola is intended on the theme of the Halician sacred buildings.

Church Mykolaichuka

It consists of the two volumes- house and helmet cupola types, which are united as they create the ladder or the gate to sky , what St.Jacobs dreamed about. "And dreams him, that the ladder leans on the ground, and its top gets of the sky, and the angels go on it upwards and downwards. When Jacobs has woken up from his dream, he has said: " Really, God is on this place, and I did not know." (Life 28.10-22) The bent lines of the plan and the volumes form the romantic image of the temple as sails, ship, ark.