The complex of St. Apostle Andrew church

Year: 1997
Categories: Sacral
Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The site for the building complex (a ground church for 1200 people, and underground church for 300 people, a Sunday school, a conference hall to seat 100 people and administrative- housing edifice) was chosen at the picturesque hill Stynka with a beautiful view of the historic town of Chernivtsi.The architectural concept was created from biblical figure of Apostle Andrew. He was a courageous and strong man. St. Andrew preached in the region of the Skith`s land and he has reached Kyiv. On the Kyiv hills he established the cross with the prophetic words: `Can you see these mountains? Believe me, they will be blessed by God.`

The architecture of the temple develops the region of Bukovyna School`s traditions, particularly the house type of the church. The equal wide apsidal- ended bays form the cross plan of the building. The high and wide roof with the large overhangs covers all of this components. Similar to the helmets, the tents with the opening rise above the roof. Because of the special location and forms, the tents stretch upwards and forward as though they are tighten by the wind. The move forward was always appreciated by Ukrainians and had important symbol meaning - to increase, to fill. Incomprehensible, incredible world fills of the divine spirit divine blessing.