Expo 2012

Year: 2012
Categories: Culture
Location: Yeosu, Korea

The Thematic Pavilion is designed in the open sea off the breakwaters on the crossing of the master plan axes and of the breakwaters directions. Access to the Thematic Pavilion is decided from promenade, built on the breakwaters for both pedestrians and service vehicles. The thematic pavilion is the representative of EXPO 2012 Yeosu. It designed as a landmark, symbolic architecture of the theme of Ocean as the origin of life, that it gives birth to life and sustains life. The moment of birth of a drop is put in the basis of the building image. The segment form is chosen to display the building as a part of EXPO 2012 Yeosu. The enormous covering in the form of concentric waves on the water surface rises before the visitors, inviting them to experience travel. The interior structure arches continue the theme of waves on the ocean spaces. The monumental and simple shape of the Thematic Pavilion will draw the visitors attentions to the building from far distance.

The Thematic Pavilion is divided into three levels with two exhibition areas. The Theme exhibition in three parts will occupy lower level and entry level. The Theme exhibition (1) cover the theme of origins of life, ocean as cradle of culture. This part is placed in the most mysterious, curved tunnel on the entry level. The Theme exhibition (3) – new beginnings – it occupies the most ligth space on the same level with open ceiling to the upper level. The Theme exhibition (2) – crisis and mankind – it is placed on the most extreme, lower level with open ceilings to the upper levels. The lower level is very suitable for researches, as it directly adjoins to ocean in time of tidal or storm. At the lower level the visitors together with the science specialists in the research rooms can actively involve, experience and explore innovative solutions of the marine technology and industry, exercising imaginations to produce new ideas in sustainable development and wise use of ocean and coast.