Kolessy Memorial

Year: 2011
Categories: Culture, Sacral
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

The burial place of Mykola Kolessa is on the field number 3 of the Lychakiv cemetery at the central alley at the main entrance. The main element of the monument is the sculpture of Mykola Kolessa cast of bronze by the sculptor Sergij Litvinenko. The lively expressive image of the sculpture is opposed to the massive depths of the pedestal and the granite slabs. This type of stone is chosen as one that is in harmony with bronze in the general aesthetics of the monument. The soft warm sculpture relief is reflected in smooth, mirror-polished granite surfaces which symbolize infinity, peace and eternity. The volume of a horizontal plate with different thickness cut in parallel to the relief creates the image of a long traversed path, great creative baggage and life experience. The stage consists of one granite block in the size of 330х440х1680 mm. The horizontal plate is designed from a massive granite block -1860x1600 from 420 to 140 mm. On the vertical planes of the plate are the inscriptions counter-relief depth of 10 mm.