Memorial complex of victims of occupation regimes in Lviv

Year: 2008
Categories: Culture
Location: Lonskogo Street, Lviv, Ukraine

The length of the walking courtyard of 16 m is accepted in the basis of the planning structure of the site. The cube chapel with the side dimension of 16 m is projected as the main element of the memorial complex. The walls and roof of the chapel are executed from the wooden boards with the intervals for the penetration of the light. The boards limit the space and the physical freedom (the knocking windows and doors, the goods wagons, in which convicted people were transported, timber cutting), while the light is the spirit and power will, which it is impossible to forbid. During the liturgies the chapel is filled with the sun rays; in darkness it shines, sending outside the light rays.


The cultural centre with an assembly hall, an exhibition hall, club rooms is projected between Brulova Street and Kopernika Street. The hill with an old spruce as the element of the memorial remains inviolable in the inner courtyard of the cultural centre. Simple volume of the cultural centre forms the square, which is open to Kopernika Street, together with the prison building, which is adapted to the needs of the museum. The square is covered with the glass roof. The parking with the entrance from Kopernika Street occupies the underground space.