Administrative-sport center 'SOFI'

Year: 2008
Categories: Office
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

The complex will function as a business centre with the office, hotel and sports facilities. The offices will be placed in the northern 13-storeyed wing of the complex. The 7-storeyed hotel building will be adjoin to the office building at the angle. The offices and hotel are organized around the central atrium, which rises on three levels. Filled with the light, the circulating atrium space serves as a meeting place. The complex volume is outlined by the 3-storeyed podium, which contains the sports facilities. It is seems, that the building is floating on the water due to reflection in the pool of the fountain with the water cascade in front of the main entrance. The complex will form expressive visual accent on the far distances of the plain territory. The great geometrical division of facades forces down the huge scale of the building, resulting it to proportional with the natural environment and the human.