Shopping Center
Comprising a Conference Hall and Hotel Rooms
at 2 Doroshenka Street in the City of Lviv

Year: 2020
Categories: Shopping, hotel
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

In the past, red lines were called regulation lines, which could not be used as buildings, except for the arrangement of individual balconies or bay windows. Over time, regulatory lines have shifted, increasing the public space of the street and the comfort of housing. This happened with the even side of Doroshenko Street, where in the 1920s. the line of regulation was moved, which is now the red line of construction. After that, all new buildings were formed along this line without stepping on the public space of the street.

The red line of the side of Doroshenko Street is a kind of chronology line that allows you to read the time of construction up to the 1920s and after. Therefore, it is important to follow this line so as not to get lost in time.

According to the building charter of Lviv, the height of the house was not greater than the width of the street. If the developer wanted a taller house, he had to retreat to the appropriate distance. Now the width of the street between the houses is 14 m. So, if the line of the existing facades is kept, the height of the facade of the house should not exceed 14 m.

The architectural structure of the historic buildings of Lviv is characterized by horizontal divisions. Due to the fact that the building has a commercial purpose, the static balance of the long building is complemented by the diagonals of the suspensions for vertical landscaping, which has a sun protection and noise protection function. Horizontal cornices are complemented by massive vases with a relief stone surface.

Doroshenko Street in the lower part is devoid of landscaping, so it is proposed to use the sides of houses that are created due to the relocated red line, and are now used for advertising, as planes for vertical landscaping.

The house is designed along the red line with the retreat at the level of the first floor of 1 m. The shops of the shopping center are provided in two levels and have separate entrances directly from the street.

As the hotel rooms are designed as part of a multifunctional building, the hotel block is planned to be separated, isolated and provided with separate entrances and communications (vertical and horizontal).

The rooms are oriented to the south, so they have sun protection devices - cornices with protective landscaping: twisted evergreen honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens), ivy (Hedera helix), Chinese lemongrass (Schisandra chinensis).

At least 10% of rooms are provided for the use of disabled people.

The number of parking spaces in the hotel must be at least 25% of the number of hotel rooms, so in the underground space is designed automated parking for 18 cars with single-storey accommodation or 36 cars with two-storey.