School of Arts
with a Concert Hall

Year: 2020
Categories: Culture
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

The architectural volume is partially submerged in the ground to create a building in communication with the natural landscape. On the ridge of a green lawn is the main entrance to the building, from which the trail walks to the northern part of the site. The nature of the surrounding historic buildings, the natural environment and the terrain called for the design of the school building in the style of a modernist villa with a flow of exterior and interior spaces and the composition of horizontal volumes.

A podium and an amphitheater for street performances are designed on the territory with the involvement of students of the school of arts and residents of nearby houses. Green lawn - a garden of sculptures - in front of the main building is provided for recreation of city residents.

The historic building №103 on the Lychakivska Street adapts for the needs of the art club - public multifunctional space with a cafe, exhibition hall, shop.

Volume of the concert hall occupies a central position in the composition of the building. Thanks to sliding systems of the outer wall of the hall, adjacent to the courtyard, the space of the hall can be extended, which allows to hold events, involving to the hall such common areas as the lobby, cafe, courtyard, small hall, library.

The lobby is united with a courtyard with a glass curtain wall. The courtyard is paved with large scale pavement, planted with trunk trees in tubs that can be moved to depending on the scenario of the event. Rooms for individual lessons are located in the western three-storey block with eastern and western orientation for insolation. The premises with large musical instruments are arranged on the ground floor that can be moved through courtyard and west terrace.