Development of the territory
along Pohulyanka Street in Lviv

Year: 2023
Categories: Residential, Public
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Lost spaces are disfunctional, neglected, inaccessible and dangerous. The development of the territory covers the regeneration of lost spaces with use historical communication and inclusion of new infrastructural elements with preservation of the relief and landscape. Main planning and architectural solutions accumulated from the past architectural and cultural heritage of the city, natural values ​​of the surrounding landscape to bring them into the future.

Expansion of recreational spaces for classes is planned sports, active recreation, playgrounds and public spaces as meeting places for residents and visitors, relations between neighbors.

Interconnections of nature the interrelationships of the city are being restored. Optimizing efficiency of urban land use, organization of social, demographic and economic processes formed the basis of the formation of urban planning decisions.

The territory of the residential building and the kindergarten is intended to be completely pedestrian. The main avenue connecting the inner courtyards of the houses is designed with the possibility of access of special equipment to buildings. Under the buildings are designed underground parking lots and underground access to public buildings. Parking lots for visitors to the sports and recreation complex and the aparthotel are provided under the aparthotel building. Bicycle and pedestrian paths connections of residential and sports and recreation complexes are intertwined with along the paths of the forest park and the Pohulianka promenade.

Volumetric-spatial composition of the building caused by the historical layout of buildings. The sports and recreation complex was formed while preserving the existing ones elements of the former brewery, in particular the main facade, beer halls from barrel vaults.

Team: Mykola Rybenchuk, Olena Rybenchuk, Mariia Moskalyuk, Eugenia Petrych, Nazar Shklianka, Kateryna Shklianka,

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Alexander Ogranovich, Mariia Zasadniy