Monastery of the Dominicans

Year: 2013
Categories: Culture, Renovation&Restoration
Location: Kamianets Podilskyj, Ukraine

Kam Pod
Kam Pod

The complex of the monastery of the Dominicans with St. Mikhail church is located in the western part of the Old Town on the Street, that now is called Franciscan. The complex's territory borders on Franciscan monastery's buildings from the north. A Franciscan Street runs from the east. The territory of the former Dominican monastery garden adjoins to the south side that now is the car park. Green plantations of the Western Boulevard on the rocks are on the western side rising above the Smotrych River. The complex of the Dominican monastery covers the church and the monastery buildings adjacent to it. The monastery consists of three buildings: the house of the abbess, or the eastern building adjoining to the church on the side of the main entrance, the longest western building adjoining to the altar of the church, and the north building that connects east and west buildings. All buildings of the monastery are two-story, covered with temporary conservation roof.

Kam Pod

The emergence of the monastery and chapel complex dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The Dominican Sisters who arrived in Kamyanets-Podilsky in the early 17th century ordered the construction of the buildings. The Dominican monastery and St. Michael's Church were near the Rus's gate in 1616. The monastery was built 1672 near the Wind Tower. It hasn't settled due to the Turkish invasion. In 1710, the Dominicans bought a plot of land in a residential building area near the Franciscan church. They began to build a monastery in 1711. They expanded the monastery by gradually buying neighboring sites and building the church of St.Michael. The Dominicans consecrated five altars in 1721 at the church.