School and kindergarten
on Pidholoskom Street in Lviv

Year: 2021
Categories: Culture
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

It is necessary for children to feel the flexibility of the forms that surround them, their pliability of individual adjustment. The ratio of structural elements, scale and vision of functional forms we try to create a feeling of comfort and freedom. Compact planning is achieved by grouping educational facilities around recreation, open to the school hall, which unites all the functional departments into a single organism. Recreation is not just about communication between class and place students' stay in between lessons, but also as a place to meet, communicate, relax, for exhibitions of creative works of students.

The assembly hall of the school forms the central core of the building, surrounded on all sides by others groups of school premises. On the ground floor, the hall is surrounded by a lobby with a library and dining room, which together with the hall can be used for various events. Above the volume of the hall there is a terrace with music and art studios. In a preschool group groups are isolated from each other, have their own external entrances and arranged around a common hall, from which there is access to other functional areas institution.

An important condition is the proximity of children to nature, minimizing spatial barriers between the internal and external environment (entrance from the yard to the room). Training section for first graders is located on the ground floor, combines the rooms of two parallel classes with recreation, dressing rooms and bathrooms, is separate and impassable. The library and dining room combine with the large nature glass windows and have exits to the site: the library has a terrace for reading, at dining room - summer cafe.

The second floor is occupied by educational sections of the second - fourth classes with a universal hall, which can be divided into two smaller halls, extended day rooms, labor workshops, bathrooms, dressing rooms, recreation. Junior students can use a separate input. Fifth - ninth grades occupy the third floor with access to terrace.

If necessary, the preschool building can be added to the second floor, then occupancy will double. In the school building, if necessary, over the administrative premises can be arranged a third floor with additional classrooms.