The Kushnir Tower restoration
in Kamianets'-Podil'skyj

Year: 2024
Categories: Public
Location: Kamianets'-Podil'skyj, Ukraine

The Kushnir Tower is used for exhibiting both the building itself and creating thematic exhibitions, such as aeronautics (another name for the tower is Vitrova - 'Wind tower'). All modern expositions are accompanied by the function of catering. Therefore, a coffee shop is planned on the first floor, and an exhibition space on the second floor, which can be used as a dining room, co-working space. The third floor is occupied by an exhibition space with mezzanines on different levels, which is also multifunctional as an art space, media center, cultural space, etc. In total, 7 levels are planned to be restored in the building, but only the first three levels are fully covered, as it is possible to arrange exits to two evacuation stairwells, each 1.35 m wide, with windows.

The multi-story space of the third floor has four mezzanines on different levels, which are connected by stairs. On the upper level there is access to two existing large windows for photographing views of the Old Town. For this purpose, it is possible to open windows and arrange glass fences. In the space created on the third floor, in addition to modern installations and thematic art objects, wooden floor beams and holes in the walls left by lost beams are exhibited. The new constructions and the old authentic structure of the monument interact without arguing or contrasting. It is possible to install a panoramic elevator as a communication and attractive element of the tower.

In the 1560s, the tower was lower and had a conical roof covered with shingles. In 1585, the tower was completed, another top appeared above the completed part, so it became two-story, as it was depicted on copper engravings. As a result of additions and superstructures in the 1780s, the roof became gabled. Today, the tower is beautifully illuminated from above due to the damaged roof covering. Natural lighting is a necessary condition for the comfortable functioning of a public building, and there is no need to install a smoke removal system. The upper light lantern will provide the tower with natural light, which will cascade downwards and will be a kind of reminder of the history of the landmark with a two-story roof.

To install a shingle covering, it is necessary to follow the technology of manufacturing and laying shingles, for greater reliability, add modern waterproofing membranes. It is possible that, according to the requirements of fire safety, the supporting structures of the roof will be metal with fire protection without changing the height and shape of the roof, and the existing wooden ones will remain for exposure.